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let’s go to the movies (edición española)

Today I legitimately spent the entire day at/around school (9a-7p with a break from 10:20-1:30). I only have class Mondays and Wednesdays so there has to be a downside somewhere, right? Today I had my cinema class for the first time. After looking over the syllabus it finally clicked why this class is the only 3 hour offered, each session we will be watching a movie directed by Pedro Almodóvar. We reviewed the syllabus and our professor told us that we would be spending the last portion of our class at a movie theater to watch Almodóvar’s latest movie, pretty cool, eh? We ended up watching a movie that was not so cool… I have seen ad’s for it all over Spain and from the picture I thought to myself everytime I passed one “Well that movie looks creeptastic…” I noticed the posters only because Antonio Banderas is one of the main characters in the movie…

La Piel Que Habito… The Skin I Live In 

I’ll save you from all the gory details… but basically I have never seen so much sex, boobs, rape, etc on a movie/TV screen. Not going to lie, I was semi-traumatized and after that hour and a half-ish the last of my childish innocence was definitely taken from me, I was NOT expecting to see all of that… quite the experience to say the least. Oh and our professor was there with us, talk about weird/awkward (there’s only 6 of us taking the class, all girls). On another note, Antonio Banderas is HOT for an old man, in this movie the way he had his hair made him look a lot like a spanish version of George Clooney (another old man who is suuuper attractive, yum). Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure all of his movies are like this… while looking over the movies listed on our syllabus two other girls and I recognized one of the movies (the professor teaching this course taught for awhile at USD our freshman year). Thankfully it’s not as graphic but it is still shocking… 

Other things I noticed at my first time in a Spanish theater…

1. There is not stadium seating which is awkward because you’re sitting so low, thank heavens no one tall sat in front of me… 

2. The popcorn isn’t slathered with fatty butter (reason #2342 why America is obese) like it is at home but it’s still really good!

3. People actually stay for the credits, weird…

In other news, in both my Civilization of Spain and Problem of God class I learned that gay marriage is legal here in Spain (yay España!). I was a little surprised because it is a predominantly Catholic country but that made this little tid-bit of info even cooler. So far I am enjoying all of my classes. My theology and ethics professors are married and moved here from the States about 13 years ago (um, new life goal? I think YES). I think my Prob of God professor likes me because she stopped me today after class and told me I reminded her of her niece (and complimented my hairline? not quite sure about that but ok) and we had a nice little chat. My Civ of Spain class is also really small like my cinema class… there’s 7 of us girls and that’s it. I’m a fan of small classes because we all get to bond so much. 

On my way home today I felt so so happy. I’ve only actually been in Madrid for about a week but getting a routine started is just what the doctor ordered! I still need to figure out what the heck I am doing tomorrow since everyone will be in class… Maybe attempt to workout… who knows? 

¡Hasta luego!


Hil xox

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