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It is currently 3:00p… just woke up. I have a feeling this may become standard procedure while I’m here. Last night/this morning was insanity!!! Dinner here is usually pretty late, we eat around 9:30p (not too different from my normal eating time at home, haha). Laura and I got ready after and we agreed to stay with each other the entire night because the spanish men have been creeping me out lately and late at night getting to our metro stop is kind of sketchy because our neighborhood is pretty deserted. The original plan was to meet up with people at an Irish pub in Plaza del Sol called Dubliners and from there head to a discoteca called Kapital. We took the metro from our house where we were followed by some guy who spoke okay English asking me where I was from, if I had a boyfriend (which according to him, didn’t matter either way, etc etc etc) for about 10 minutes… ew.

Sol was jam packed with people and we couldn’t exactly figure out how to get to Dubliners so we just hung out to wait for people. This super hammered foreign guy attempted to chat with us, he kept scooting closer and we slowly started backing up and then we ran away after we figured out he wouldn’t quit. Thankfully, we bumped into a group of USD people headed over to Kapital.

First floor in Kapital

Apparently, Kapital is one of the best clubs in Madrid. It’s 7 stories with different types of music playing on each level and a rooftop lounge. It was suuuch a great time!!!! We danced around and hung out on the roof all night. And by all night I mean into the morning hours… Here in Madrid, the metro is closed from 2a-6a so if you want to get home you have to pay lots of money for a cab instead of the 1euro it costs to take the metro. I really wanted to try to stay out until the metro re-opened and me and Laura did it! Why? Because we can, that’s why. Laura met this local who took us to churros con chocolate for breakfast, he kept saying how great and iconic this place was. When we showed up, I recognized it immediately it! I had been there my senior year of high school! The churros con chocolate are heavenly…

Churros con chocolate

We finally headed home around 7a or something weird… If you have a chance to experience the Spanish lifestyle, DO IT! I still can’t wrap my head around it… I’m pretty convinced that these people just don’t eat or sleep… everyone goes out, absolutely everyone and staying out until the metro re-opens is a normal practice. As we arrived back to our house, the sun was starting the rise… magical.

Otras cosas…

1. Our host mom is fab but she randomly says stuff where you’re just like “huh?” She told me and Laura that we can’t show up at home completely plastered and/or throwing up… that we have to stay in the street until it passes… haha seriously Mercedes? (She later made up for it when we found a mosquito in the hallway when she tried to kill it and started screaming and jumping around when it landed on her arm… and then later when she showed us her little vacuum and it started speaking and she told it in English to stop talking to her)

2. I don’t think this country believes in snacks which I am not a fan of

¡Es todo!


Hil xox

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